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by ~menmoli
Close your eyes,
think of us
making love,
anywhere you like...
Anywhere will be good to me
if it is with you
In the hills on a warm sunny day,
on the train,
on a beach near the breaking surf,
in your van,
on a cold winter's night in front of a log fire,
on the carpet, on the floor,
in the tub,
on the bed,
on a Tuesday,
any day,
Close your eyes,
think of us
making love
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 0 0
Why did I have to fall in love with you?
I grieve everyday over you
and I feel a pain deep in my heart
because you are not here with me.
Why did I have to fall in love with you?
I cry at night after we have talked.
Why did I have to fall in love with you
You certainly brighten up my days
but when I reach out for you
I can't bring you any closer to me.
Why then, if all the odds were against us,
did I have to fall in love with you?
Because you are you
and our love is stronger than
We will beat adversity
and the sun, which is already shining through on us,
will shine even more brightly.
I consider myself the luckiest woman
to have fallen in love with you,
and even more fortunate
to have you fallen in love with me.
Why did I have to fall in love with you?
it was meant to be...
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 1 0
I am infected.
It is serious.
heart racing.
Is it love...?
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 0 1
The Tides Of Your Love
Your love is like the sea waves...
it comes and goes...
like the tides that rise and fall...
And I always wait for you,
lying naked on the sand,
my soul and my heart...
When you come,
flood tide...
you reach for me,
you bathe me all,
you carry me.
I submerge under your foam.
I breathe
like a siren in her ocean.
But when you go...
ebb tide...
I get dry,
the sun burns my skin,
it cracks.
I am buried under the sand...
I choke,
I can't breathe.
I wait for the tide to flow again...
Your love is
like the oscillating currents of the water
the tidal streams...
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 3 0
My Seagull
My graceful seagull,
fly over the ripples of my gentle sea,
along my shoreline,
past my rocky cliff...
float swiftly over the surface of my ocean
be near...
I will  follow you in your passionate flight
Let me dance with you in the sky,
help me stretch my wings wide,
show me what to be free is like.
Show me how to fly high and far,
teach me how not to faulter.
Let me hold your wingtip with my hand,
I am lost without your guide.
Let's climb up the clear blue skies together
against all currents all through the clouds.
Let  me be the air on your face,
let me be the wind that you ride
and the waves over which you glide.
Take me soaring with you to unreachable heights
take me...
Fly close to me...
Fly over me...
beneath me...
around me...
be near...
I want to fly at your pace,
at the placid rythm of your wings.
Don't leave me behind,
don't let me go ahead.
And if food is what you need come to me,
I'll lift my hands out of the waves,
you'll see me if you skim the sea.
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 1 0
She smells like a butterfly
that has absorbed the fragance
of all the flowers she has fed on.
When she flaps her wings
the perfume spreads
and all her skin is scented
with a natural fresh essence
which is a balm to the soul.
She shines like a butterfly
with psychedelic colours
that she has stolen from the rainbow
she has flown along.
When she flutters her wings
the colours are splashed like paint
and her hair beams like a kaleidoscope
which is dazzling to the eye.
She moves like a butterfly
which has learnt to fly
and has taken off the ground.
When she flits around you
moving her slender body graciously
in her seductive dance you are trapped
and you want to capture her.
She is a fantasy to the heart...
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 2 0
You Are Here
Whenever I feel like kissing you
and you are not there,
I close my eyes
and you are here.
I kiss your lips so tenderly...
Whenever I feel like touching you
and you are not there,
I think of you
and you are here.
My hands on your body are soft caresses.
Whenever I feel like loving you
and you are not there,
I dream
and you are here
My sweetest dream...
Cuando siento ganas de besarte
y vos no estas ahi,
cierro mis ojos
y estas aqui...
Beso tus labios tiernamente
Cuando siento ganas de tocarte
y vos no estas ahi,
pienso en vos
y estas aqui...
Mis manos en tu cuerpo son suaves caricias.
Cuando siento ganas de amarte
y vos no estas ahi,
y estas aqui..
Mi sueño mas dulce...
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 0 0
Sometimes I hide myself
behind a smile...
while my tears
cascade down my back.
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 1 0
I Will Be There
Whenever you feel like kissing me
and I am not there...
close your eyes
I'll be there...
Kiss me.
Whenever you feel like touching me
and I am not there...
think of me
and I'll be there...
Touch me.
Whenever you feel like loving me
and I am not there...
and I'll be there...
Love me.
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 0 0
Not Enough
Sometimes words are not enough,
not good enough,
not precise enough,
not powerful enough...
to express
what the heart feels....
I need to show you,
make you feel
what I feel
for you.
Not with words.
I can say I love you
it is not enough.
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 2 0
You are my motivation.
You were my decision.
What I did I did for you,
I did it for me.
The first big step
was yours to take
when you flew all the way
and we met.
The second step was for me to take
a new start,
settling down in a new home
we will be sharing soon.
Step by step
some big ones
and many small ones.
We are moving forward.
Our time will come.
And that will be
our biggest step.
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 3 0
Reach out for me
I'll reach out for you...
Over the ripples of the ocean...
My southern sun
and your northern moon...
Astral collission...
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 1 0
The Journey
It happened unexpectedly,
I did not know you were there,
you did not know I was here.
At some point ,at some time
something made it possible...
Our paths crossed...
and they became one.
We have started on this journey...
I want to travel all the way
with you,
whatever it may cost.
Let's stay together and see
where this road leads us to..
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 1 0
As I wander silently by the mysterious mound
I raise my hands and worship gods.
Here I am again,
miracle of life.
I have been reborn...
I close my eyes and I am floating,
moving fluidly
into the otherworld...
once more...
Visions of my past come to my present.
Have I lived this dream  before?
Spirits I have once known
come to greet me,
I recognise their souls
as they dance around me all.
I rise
and my blood flows.
I follow  the moonbean at night
and the sun's spiral paths at dawn.
This eternal journey
has no beginning,
it has no end
I have been here...
and I will return...
I have walked this earth,
I have swum this sea,
I have flown this sky.
Nature welcomes me,
I have not forgotten
these bogs and rivers,
the springs and the swamps.
Am I a deer, am I a raven?
am I  fish or am I a lamb?
I see myself reflected many times
in mirrors in the haze
and in the spring waters
in the glen.
Such a divine plan
never to be revealed...
If you
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 2 1
In dreams I walked into the labyrinth
seeking answers to my questions.
A wise owl showed me the way,
I was hoping to find spiritual nurture.
I rambled along the spiral path
solving  confusing puzzles and tests.
Illusion was there to distract me
and I chose what I thought was best
I ventured into this energetic temple
I needed to heal my wounded self,
release my heavy burden
and find my inner depth.
This journey to my own center
at times was as dark as a tomb
but as I moved forward along the sacred groove
I felt I was being led into a divine womb.
My understanding was broadened,
my  wisdom unfolded.
I danced along the awareness of nature
as I was bathed with invisible grace.
The owl guided me all the way into this realm,
I followed her insticts and my intuition
searching for some deeper knowledge
I finally arrived at my destination...
my very core
my essence
This purposeful  path flowing sunwise
took me out of  my ego,
I cleansed myself and purifi
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 1 0
An Invitation
I want to fly with you
beyond the stars that twinkle in my sky.
I want to soar with you beyond the moon
and hide behind its silvery shadow
so that nobody can know where we are.
I want to take you to the end of my rainbow
where all my shades mix into one.
I want to drift with you in my wind,
breeze or hurricane, gentle or wild.
I want to sit with you in my rain
and feel our souls are cleansed and purified.
I want to climb with you up to my clouds
and lie in their softness together
unleashing our innermost desires.
I want to get away with you beyond my sun
that is burning so hot in both our hearts...
Will you come with me?
Will you?
:iconprincessofthewoods:princessofthewoods 1 0



I will always be the princess of your forest.
Even when the trees lose their leaves
I will be blowing in the wind.
Even when the sap gets dry
you will taste me in the dew drops at night.

You will always see me
reaching out my arms to you.

I will always be the princess of your forest.



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